While working At KTVZ I have had the opportunity to do more than just report. I anchored weekend news for a year before moving to full-time week day reporting. Since then, I have also had the chance to fill-in anchor. Here’s a look.

Not only did I anchor weekend shows, I produced them. While reporting is my passion, I am fully capable of producing shows from half an hour of news to two straight hours. I have produced breaking news cut-ins, shows, and more.

Other than daily news, I have had the chance to specialize my reporting. I am KTVZ’s political correspondent. I travel to the state capitol in Salem often. Many times I am able to do political series based on the issues. The capitol is on the other side of the Cascades so it’s important work to keep Central Oregonian’s connected with their lawmakers and the rest of the state.

I was also KTVZ’s 2014 fire coordinator. If there was a fire, I was there. I served as the main contact for fire agencies when the flames broke loose. I was also responsible for managing piers when fires broke out. Here’s a look.

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